Artist residency
@Manifesta 12 _ XRivista

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Artist residency

@Manifesta 12 _ XRivista

Danisinni is a peculiar enclave, whose dystopian reality clashes with the naturally relaxed attitude of its people.

Coco' runs a familiar tavern in the central square, spending his entire day serving only friends he grew up with. Piero can't stand still and, through a daily procession from the market to PalaMangano, feeds his necessities and desires.

We worked in here for just two weeks, which is nothing. You need to consume our proposed image of the neighborhood in two hours, which is less than nothing. Be ready to acknowledge that you will forcely have a very PoP experience in this very popular realm.

Extraction - De-contextualisation - Appropriation Stratification or Aware Alienation ? No matter what, awareness leads to truth. Maybe personal and constructed, but still a valuable truth.

An artistic stage-set is a medium to challenge the relationship between yourself and the palimpsest that surrounds you. Indeed, you often don’t know enough to call it context. We strongly rely on the descriptive power of mundane objects and the beauty of ordinary behaviours. However, we must question our perception of aesthetic qualities and symbolic values embedded into these rituals.

As artists, do we highlight or do we actually impose these qualities? As art consumers, do we perceive or do we desire them?

What appears exotic and unconventional, claims to be profoundly ordinary. We provide objectified facts to strengthen the power of our subjective descriptions. We pair objects and actions to create metaphorical diptychs. Apparently random juxtapositions enable meaningful bridges, providing effective snapshots to reconstruct identities.

We want you to accept that you can have just a glimpse of these characters. Intuitive portraits, neither exhaustive nor superficial. Just enough to catch what you can afford. Be conscious that metaphors are subjective and arbitrary.

Eventually, does this project dignify or mislead?

We do think that “La Pesca delle Arancine” is a generously deceiving artistic micro-economy. And Piero must value his “Coppini” as a tremendous example of crafting.

Directed and curated by



Gianmarco Cugusi

Olmo Missaglia

Stefano La Rosa

Francesco Battaglia

Farida Gueci



Giorgio Masi