Illustration and Exhibition
@121 + _Milan Design Week

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Illustration and Exhibition

@121 + _Milan Design Week



Favole Imbandite ("Laden Fairy Tales") is an illustration that Lemonot designed for the book "Playgroundind" - curated by Domitilla Dardi and published by Corraini Edizioni. Together with 9 artists, illustrators and architects, Lemonot staged and exhibition at 121+ during the Milan Design Week 2022.

"This project is a real walk among objects where the scale of the game is blurred with that of the buildings, and the distribution of spaces seems to evoke the urban landscape. In fact, the playing devices create a proportional leap in which visitors find themselves travelling among elements that have the definition and conformation of possible architectural scenarios of a utopian and science fiction city. Even the connections between the various buildings are shown as walkways on the walls and ramparts of a city that is both ancient and futuristic." - Domitilla Dardi

Illustration by



Gianmarco Dolfi

Book by

Domitilla Dardi

Corraini Edizioni