Pavilion _competition
@Festival of Creative Urban Living

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Pavilion _competition

@Festival of Creative Urban Living

Milton Keynes,


Milton Keynes ‘s community will soon experience a set of urban mirabilia: roundabouts will be turned into agoras, crossing lines into playgrounds and parking lots in gathering compounds.

In such a context we propose an inhabitable festive object. An optimistic round shape to attract and cuddle the visitors, a lightly monumental framework to strengthen the celebratory apparatus of this festival.

A temporary structure that is indeed ephemeral and utopian. Feel free to walk through it or to stay for longer - a pleasant breeze will blow filtered by the hanging telescopes. A rigid basement which acts as an urban carpet - punctured by three different paths: from two sides extravagant portals are welcoming pedestrian, fast bikers, and slow thinkers while a tiny path entering from the small mouth of the balloon is large enough just to crawl in. A privileged door only for curious children.

Once inside, the basement itself becomes a smooth bench; then, rings of soft seats arise from the perimeter, framing a 360 intimate theatre: a place to rest alone or to laugh together. Eventually, anchored on top of everything, this colorful balloon stands silently: an architecture to be questioned - impalpable yet very present.

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